Zen Stones

Thank you Martine for the wonderful Reiki treatment yesterday. My body is totally relaxed today and your gentle treatment on my neck had helped to relax my neck and give relief from my cervical spondylosis. Wonderful, will definitely recommend you . - Polly M.

Hi I'm Martine Bollard, I have an MSc from the London School of Economics and a BA from Simon Fraser University where I studied Medical Anthropology and Anthropology of the Body.  My education has taught me to have an open mind when it comes to healing modalities. But I have a confession to make. When I first heard about Reiki I thought it sounded... well... flaky. But after years of trying to get relief for my continually sore neck I decided to try it. That first experience was of such deep relaxation that I was able to let go of the horrible knot in my neck. Follow up sessions helped me to continue to find relief. The more I received Reiki more I loved it. I wanted to learn more so I studied to become  a practitioner.  

During my undergrad I studied Medical Anthropology.  I learned that  people in many parts of the world often access more than one type of healing.  Depending on their needs they might see an acupuncturist, a bone healer, a midwife and/or the doctor in the local clinic.  Seeing more than one healer is not considered out of the ordinary in many places around the globe. 


Sometimes  we need to take care of more than the physical aspects of ourselves. For example a  root canal can help us with a rotten tooth and the antibiotics will clear up any infection, but a restorative treatment like Reiki enables us to relax those jaw muscles allowing the tension to dissipate, relieving pain and promoting healing.  This way the two healing systems can work together to bring us to better health.